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Rat Habitat

Submitted by Mrs. Bendixsen's First Period Class
Beers Street Middle School

My cage is a fiber glass cage modified for a rat. This cage has holes on the top for easy air flow. The cage has a little bed for comfort. There is a food stick for eating. A special edition to the cage is a special attachment it's a clear plastic tube with a door. The purpose for the tube is when the rat urinates in the cage. This way when he/she urinates you can put him behind the door with the tube and now you could clean without the rat trying to escape. The whole cage should be bolted down so the cage won't fly around. The cage also has a wheel for exercise, of course there are straps to hold him into place. This cage is mostly just a hamster cage with accessories that you can get for a pet store.

How To Make The Cage

The main part of the cage is just a small hamster cage you can get at a pet store. Make sure the cage has at least one tube hole. The water bottle should come with the cage if not you can get one at a pet store. You can get the screws at a hardware store. Also you could get the hinges at a hardware store. The wheel should come with the cage, if not you could get it from a pet store. The special door is just a hamster tube also a item you could get at a pet store.

Taking Care Of The Rat

Taking care of the rat should be the easiest part. All you have to do is feed it 2 times a day morning and night. Clean the cage at least once a week. Make sure you give the rat its proper medicines in its water so it doesn't know.

student drawing of a habitat

Click on picture to see more detail

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