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Animal Habitat

Submitted by Mrs. Bendixsen's Period 10 Class
Beers Street Middle School


The cage has three sides, a top and a bottom. The fourth side is the wall, so the cage does not float. It is 50cm by 40cm by 40cm. The bottom of the cage is going to be metal, because the animal will have magnets on itself. The cage will have three air holes on each side, but only two will be used for air. The third hole will have a tube going through it, connected to the food and water containers, so the astronauts can easily fill the containers.

The food and water containers will be at the bottom of the cage, so the animal can easily get to them. The top of the cage will be a screen with a waste dissolving bag on top of it. There will be a fan outside of the cage, so the air circulates. For light, there will be a motion detector, so the light is only on when it's moving. This will prevent the astronauts from having to turn off the light when the animal goes to sleep. Finally, for exercise will we have a ball with a spring attached to the bottom of the cage.

student drawing of a habitat

Click on picture to see more detail


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