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Guinea Pig Habitat

Submitted by Mrs. Bendixsen's 6/7 Period Class
Beers Street Middle School

Your job is that you would have to hit a button for the food and it would float on the bottom part of the sticking out piece of like wood at the Guinea Pigs height to eat it.

For the bathroom droppings there will be two buttons to hit. The first button the first door for the droppings to go in. Then you would have to shut that door. When you shut that first door, then you would open the second door for the droppings to go into a bag. Then you shut that door. Make sure both doors are shut. The first door for the droppings would be at one of the corners. To clean the cage you would use a sponge.

For the water there will be a big holder holding a lot of water and you would hit the water button and the water would go in the like baby bottle. Whenever it was thirsty it could just suck on it and the water would go in its mouth.

For when he goes to sleep he would sleep in something like a pouch and that pouch would be strapped to the floor of the cage. The Guinea pig would sleep in the sleeve of the pouch.

The cage will be 4 plexi-glass plates. The will be sturdy tough plates. With the 4 Plates you will make a square with the plates. After the plates are on the wall like a square put bars on it so the guinea pig won't get out. To make the animal easier to sleep is to cover the front with a book cover. You will make the cover be like a shade. It can go up and down like a shade. Only put it down when the guinea pig is going to sleep. It will help it sleep.

Totally, It will only take about 8-10 minutes. Even less.

student drawing of a habitat

Click on picture to see more detail


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