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Mouse Habitat

Submitted by Mrs. Bendixsen's Period 8 Class
Beers Street Middle School

Bottom- is made of rug so he can stick to it.

Top- plastic

At the top of the cage is a 5mm thick sheet of plastic that adjusts to limit the amount of room the mouse has.

To clean the cage open the door, put the mouse in the exercise area, and close off the holes. Then get a handheld little machine that sucks up waste and clean easily.

For the mouse to eat we have tubes of water and tubes of protein evenly on top of the sheet that adjusts. Adjust it a little bit above him and he can eat. Also put a tube of water and tube of protein on different sides on the bottom of the cage. On the other two sides put sticks of chewable food. Then put the adjustable sheet touching his back and he can eat just like on Earth.

The air filters keep it from odor.

Our idea is based on a plastic adjuster to limit the mouse's room. This idea also solves eating. Put the sheet down and he will not float up. This also solves sleeping. Sometimes if you want he can experience no gravity.

student drawing of a habitat

Click on picture to see more detail



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