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Chris Barreras, Payloads Engineer Responds:

To: Rat Habitat, Submitted by Pablo, Montgomery High School-in Spanish and English!

A good design, Pablo!

You need to show what view are we looking at. I think it's the top view? This will give better orientation for the reader. Show width, length, thickness dimensions.

One of your basic thought processes should be "never assume anything with rodents."
I have been told in zero g they will hang onto things.

Some considerations:

    How does the waste go from the sleeper to the carbon?
    Do the fans blow the waste into the carbon?

    What is the basic frame material made off?

    Remember to make sure all the seams are sealed. Rodent urine finds ways to leak.

    How do the lights and fans get power?

    How are the animals loaded into the habitat?

    Remember, you may have to open your habitat to do health checks.

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