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Submitted by the cricket habitat team: Lilliana, Esmeralda, Erika, Claudia and Monica

Montgomery High School

The habitat is 30 by 6 by 15 cm. The crickets food (a large carrot 7 1/2 cm) is glued to the floor. Water is provided by sponges glued to the floor. The astronauts will have to add water to the sponges occassionally. We included three cardboard rolls because we have observed that crickets like to hide. We have also observed that crickets create a whole lot of waste. We have air constantly flowing through the habitat through a screen. This air will hopefully push all the cricket wastes through another screen on the far side of the cage. The wastes will pass through layers of absorbent paper, carbon, a desicating agent and finally be stored in a container until the shuttle returns to earth. The habitat is made out of plexiglass so that the crickets can be observed.

student drawing of a habitat

Click on picture to see more detail

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