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Rat Habitat

Submitted by Dave Horner

Food- in solid form will be suspended from the top of the cage

Water- the water is in a tub that has a hose on the bottem the animal sucks on the end of it.

A 38" by 38" tank (actually is a box-type device) sits on top of the tank. Its purpose is to collect the animal wastes as they float up toward the top of the cage. Using a sensing device, the doors will open to collect the waste and then close, much like the automatic doors we are familiar with at large stores. Then it can be removed and emptied.

To take care of the smell there is a fresh pine smell that sprays into a sponge which is velcroed to the cage over the spraying device. That way, the spray would not be released into the cage directly but absorbed into the sponge.

Exercise- I have stairs that the animal climes up and down the stairs are velcroed down so the stairs will not flote off. The animal has suction cups on his feet so it can exercise its leg musceles.

Cage- the cage has screen all around it.

The animal has to sleep in the air.

student drawing of a habitat

Click on picture to see more detail


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