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Rat Habitat

Submitted by Nick, Fernando, Marcelino, and Brandon

food-there is a box so the food doesn't float all over the place.

water-the water is in a bottle attached to the side of the cage and when it wants something to drink it sucks on a tube that comes off of it.

wastes- there are are sensors and when the poopoo and peepee goes by the sensors there are doors that open at the top of the cage and when the poopoo and peepee are in there the door shuts. Pine fresheners let off their scent when the door shuts.

Exercise - There will be magnetic boots on its feet so it won't float away and it will build muscles while walking around.

Sleep There are boots on its feet and when we want it to sleep we take off the boots and it sleeps in the air.

student drawing of a habitat

Click on picture to see more detail


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