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Hamster Habitat

Submitted by Renee, Cristy, Barbara, Alyson, and Bianca

Food- we have designed a machine that when the animal steps on a button a piece of food comes out. The food continues coming out until he steps off the button.

Water - A bottle that has a tube that he can suck out of.

Velcro - The hamster wears little velcro booties that stick tothe velcro floors tokeep him oon the floor. The ramps are made from velcro. Blankets he sleeps on are velcroed to the floor. To change them just lift them up.

The cage is made from clear plastic.

Urine and poop - There is a dome on the top of the cage. When you press a button the bottom oof the dome opens and sucks up the urine and poop. Then itccan be removed fromthe cage and emptied.

Exercise - There's a wheel thatis velcroed tothe floor.

Curtains - The astronauts can manually open and close these so the animal can have a regular sleep cycle.

student drawing of a habitat

Click on picture to see more detail


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