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Blood Pressure and Gravity

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full description at right In the Spacelab, the Neurolab crew will use a sophisticated lung function system that tests how the brain controls the concentrations of carbon dioxide and oxygen in the blood. Cremembers will breathe into a mouthpiece, and premeasured gas tests mixtures will be delivered to them as part of the test protocol. In this photo, Payload Specialist Jay Buckey prepares to initiate a test of the equipment during crew training.
full description at right Crewmembers (Payload Specialist Jay Buckey pictured here) spend many hours practicing with the Lower Body Negative Pressure (LBNP) Device, a key element of the autonomic nervous system hardware built by the German Space Agency (DARA).
full description at right During training, Payload Specialist Jim Pawelczyk practices procedures to be used in microneurography, a technique used on Neurolab for measuring nerve signals traveling from the brain to the blood vessels
photo of Jim practicing microneurography on KC-135
photo of KC-135

Practice aboard KC-135 to experience microgravity conditions

photo of Jim practicing microneurography on KC-135
full description at right Alternate Payload Specialist Chiaki Mukai manually locates the peroneal nerve on a subject's leg while Payload Specialist Jay Buckey observes.