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Kennedy Space Center
Countdown to Launch

April 16, l998 - Network Signal Processor No. 2 after removal from the Space Shuttle Columbia

The scheduled launch of Columbia on Apr. 16 from Launch Pad 39B was postponed 24 hours due to difficulty with network signal processor No. 2 on the orbiter. This device formats data and voice communications between the ground and the Space Shuttle. The unit, which is located in the orbiter's mid-deck, will be removed and replaced. Prior to launch, one of the final steps will be to load the external tank with approximately 500,000 gallons of liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen for fueling the orbiters three main engines. Tanking had not yet begun when the launch scheduled for Apr. 16 was scrubbed.
photo of workers inspecting the network signal processor

Earlier Pictures of Neurolab Processing at KSC

    April 15 p.m. Rollback of the RSS
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    February 12-Neurolab in Orbiter Processing Facility bay 3
    February, first week-Neurolab moved into its payload canister in O&C Building
    January 1998-Crew participates in CEIT
    December 1997-Further processing, preparation for launch
    November 1997-Neurolab installed in Spacelab module in the O&C



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