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Kennedy Space Center
Countdown to Launch

March 16, l998 - Shuttle transferred from OPF to the VAB


The Space Shuttle orbiter Columbia was transferred from Orbiter Processing Facility Bay 3 today to the Vehicle Assembly Building, where it will be mated to its external tank and solid rocket boosters.
description at right

Here it is shown backing out of the bay, with first motion occurring at 10:48 a.m. Columbia is being prepared for the STS-90 mission, carrying the Neurolab payload.
description at right Here it is shown on its way to the VAB.
description at right Here it is shown in the transfer aisle of the VAB.

For more information on the processing of launch vehicles, and more detail on the above facilities, see Kennedy Space Center's COUNTDOWN! NASA LAUNCH VEHICLES AND FACILITIES

Earlier Pictures of Neurolab Processing at KSC


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