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Astronauts Training for Neurolab

In this photo, Payload Specialist Jay Buckey                       prepares to initiate a test of the equipment during crew training Autonomic Nervous System Team Experiments
Blood Pressure and Gravity
Payload Specialist Jim Pawelczyk prepares to catch a ball as part of the ball catching (Kinelite)                   experiment Sensory Motor and Performance Team Experiments
Simple Movements--Complex Adaptations
off-axis rotator spins to stimulate the inner ear The Vestibular Team Experiments
Changes in the Balance System: Studying the Ear Through the Eye
Mission Specialist Dave Williams and Payload Specialist Jay Buckey, wearing the Respiratory                    Inductance Plethysmograph (RIP) suits The Sleep Team Experiments
Seeking a Solution to the Sleep Problem
ayload Specialist Jay Buckey practices at the General Purpose Work Station General Purpose Work Station
Dave Williams manipulating                               the winch which is used to manually                               close the payload bay doors underwater to practice for space Practicing space walking underwater


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