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Meet Doris Daou

photo of Doris Daou
Deputy Manager for
Education and Public Outreach

Career Fact Sheet Print Version

Who I am and what I Do
In my job, I manage education programs. My day is full with activities that make sure NASA education programs and resources are created, designed, developed, and distributed on time. That can be anything from running a marathon of meetings, spending the day with people and explaining to them what needs to be done to finish a product or a program, or just spending time to review the science that is being translated into educational resources for the classrooms.

Areas of expertise
My areas of expertise include stellar astronomy (stellar formation and evolution), program management, and creation and development of educational material.  Some of the skills needed for my job include a background in science, the ability to work with others, planning, organization, management skills, artistic creativity, determination, …and of course, patience!

How I first became interested in this profession
I was very young when I knew I wanted to work in things related to space. I was too young to think of astronomy then, but the older I got the more my dream was focused on astronomy.

What helped me prepare for this job
I loved reading books about space adventures and astronomy. In school, I studied math, physics, and astronomy. My graduate research and my work with the Hubble Space Telescope provided the strong base that prepared me for this job.

My role models or inspirations
My brother was my inspiration. He showed me that no matter the field in which we are studying and working, we all have to start and work with basic human qualities and strength.

My education and training -- How I got to this point
B.Sc. Math and Physics, University of Montreal, Canada
M.Sc. Astronomy, University of Montreal, Canada
I received a strong training in data analysis.

My career path
After graduate school I worked at the Hubble Space Telescope Science Institute for 9 years and moved to the Spitzer Science Center 6 years ago. I have been working for both the Spitzer Space Telescope (as Deputy Manager for Education and Pubic Outreach) and the Virtual Planetary Laboratory (as Lead Manager for Education and Public Outreach).

What I like best about my job
I LOVE bringing science and new NASA discoveries into the classroom and to the public. I love helping in creating the new generation of space scientists.

What I like least about my job
Sometimes the road to get us to our goals is not simple. So sometimes, I do have complicated roads or complex personalities to deal with.

My advice to anyone interested in this occupation
Determination and creativity are VERY important. Never let anything or anybody stop you from realizing your dreams.

Personal information
I love the arts. I think it is that part of me that helps me think of original and helpful ways to bring science to the public and schools.

Last Updated: January 19, 2005


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