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Meet: Brian Day

photo of Brian Day with telescope

Education/Public Outreach
NASA Lunar Science Institute
NASA, Ames Research Center

Brian Day is a NASA contractor at Ames Research Center. His duties there have included serving as Education and Public Outreach Lead for NASA’s LCROSS lunar impactor mission and for the upcoming Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer mission. His hobbies and professional life focus on astronomy.

For 16 years, he was chairman of the Foothill College Observatory. Brian and his wife Pam are avid solar eclipse chasers, having traveled around the world to see eight total, five annular, and numerous partial eclipses from such exotic locations as the wilds of Africa, the heights of the Andes, the jungles of Central America, the Australian Outback, the frozen wastes of Northern Mongolia, the base of the Great Wall of China, and the beer gardens of Germany. Anil Dosaj



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