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Meet: John F. Muratore

Photo of John Muratore with plane

Program Manager,
X-38/Crew ReturnVehicle

What he does
For the last seven years John Muratore has been the Program Manager and principal architect of NASA’s X-38 Program which was responsible for building a prototype spacecraft to be used as an emergency return vehicle for the International Space Station. Much of his work on this program gave him the opportunity to fly and conduct flight testing on many types of military aircraft supporting the project.

He is now working on a brand new project to build new Bio-technology experiments to fly on-board the International Space Station Which will teach us how to grow cells to cure diseases

Preparation for Career
John Muratore holds an Undergraduate Science degree in Engineering from Yale University. He also has a Masters Degree in Computer Systems from the University of Houston, and is now working towards his Doctorate in Engineering.

His Career Journey
For four years he served as an Officer in the United States Air Force working in developing space launch systems and in testing and checkout of NASA’s Space Shuttle systems.

He began his career at NASA as an Integrated Communications Officer in NASA’s Mission Control Center in Houston, Texas sending commands to the shuttle inflight from Mission Control. 

He went on to become one of NASA’s prestigious Flight Directors where he served for four Space Shuttle flights, including the Hubble Space Telescope Repair mission.

He was then put in charge of rebuilding and upgrading all of the Mission Control Center facilities at NASA’s Johnson Space Center.


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