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Meet: Carol Stoker

Planetary Scientist, Space Sciences Division, NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field California

Who I am
I am a planetary scientist and have been working for NASA since 1985. My work involves theoretical and experimental research on a variety of problems related to the origin, evolution and search for life in the solar system. I am actively involved in planning for robotic and human exploration of Mars. What I do Since 1990, I have led a NASA Ames project to develop telepresence and virtual reality technology for mission operations and scientific visualization . The purpose of this project is to enhance control of mobile rovers underwater and on the surfaces of other planets. This work has focused on using robotic scientific exploration vehicles to perform field studies of space-analog environments on the Earth.

As part of this work, I developed the Telepresence Controlled Remotely Operated Vehicle (TROV), a robotic submarine, and led science missions using this vehicle in the Antarctic. I have led a series of field experiments simulating Mars surface missions using the Marsokhod rover deployed in terrestrial desert environments. I was recently a participating scientist on Mars Pathfinder mission where I provided a three-dimensional interactive virtual reality model of the Pathfinder landing site as tool for operating the rover mission.

I received my Ph.D in AstroGeophysics from the University of Colorado in 1983.


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