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Educational Resources

  • You can Build a Pioneer 10 Paper Model as a class project with the plans, instructions, and tips provided in this activity. When completed you will have a model of the Pioneer 10 spacecraft which is nearly 2 feet across!

  • Students can develop graphing and prediction skills in the second unit which tracks Pioneer 10 Through The Solar System. This has been updated to see where Pioneer 10 is today! It is a simple and useful Activity developed by Mike Ryan of Eustis, FL.

  • The third activity, Trajectories is a NASA Educational Brief originally developed during the Voyager missions to explain how spacecraft are influenced by the graviatational pull of celestial bodies. Designed for grades 11 & 12, it can be adapted for lower grades as well.


Additional Internet Resources:
These are just a sampling of resources available from the WWW. Many others exist, and these are provided as starting points.

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This NASA K-12 Internet Initiative Web page
was last updated on February 11, 1997.

Click here for information on how to attend the conference in person.

For questions about the Pioneer 10 Project, contact: Dr. Larry Lasher
For questions about this Web server, contact: Christina O'guinn



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