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[ Design a Martian Challenge Forum

Linda/NASAQuest - 48 - 08:22:58 ]
Please use this room to chat with students from around the word regarding your design of a Martian. Identify yourself in the main chat box, since the name/location box is not working at this point.

[ Linda/NASAQuest - 50 - 08:33:14 ]
We will monitor, but not moderate this chat room unless it is abused. Please report concerns to me at info@quest.nasa.gov - be sure to send the URL in your email. Thanks!

[ KatherineKuangatPS56Queens - 52 - 10:33:51 ]
What is the average temperature on Mars? What is the highest temperature on Mars? What is the lowest temperature on Mars?

[ KatherineKuangatPS56Queens - 53 - 10:36:46 ]
Is the Martian able to live under the surface of Mars (in the soil of Mars) in order to protect itself from dust storms on Mars?

[ Linda/NASAQuest - 54 - 15:56:28 ]
RE: [KatherineKuangatPS56Queens] What is the average temperature on Mars? What is the highest temperature on Mars? What is the lowest temperature on Mars?
Hi Katherine, This room is for discussions with other students. I think if you check the chat we had with the experts, you may find the answers to your questions: See: http://quest/events/attend/102903/archive.html

[ Linda/NASAQuest - 55 - 15:57:25 ]
We are accepting preliminary designs - we can post them so that you may discuss your difficulties with other desigers!

[ Becky/RedfordMichigan - 56 - 05:11:05 ]
I think is a really neat thing and could help us learn a lot.

[ Chance/RainardSchool - 63 - 11:41:54 ]
how does that plant disign survie UV rays?????????????????

[ Chance - 65 - 11:43:15 ]
survive sorry

[ joeRainard - 70 - 11:46:23 ]
Joe Houston Yes I agree with chance/Rainard how is the plant supposed to survive UV rays

[ Linda/NASAQuest - 94 - 07:16:12 ]
Thank you for the reminder. There are one or two legitimate questions in here - please respond to your peers and try not to repeat yourself. It makes it hard for people to find what it is you want to talk about.

[ Linda/NASAQuest - 95 - 07:17:44 ]
RE: [erika/rainard] I have a question for 4-year-old
Hi Erika, I'm not sure if Kody is checking in here, but go ahead and ask your question. I'm sure he'll get back to you if he is.

[ Linda/NASAQuest - 96 - 07:18:38 ]
RE: [shante] what are some of the key qualifications for becoming an astronaut
That's a good question to send to kids-ask-nasa@quest.nasa.gov

[ Linda/NASAQuest - 97 - 07:21:08 ]
RE: [unknown] Is it necessary for this chat room to be used for games? This is a learning tool designed by NASA and some of you are not using it for that. Please submit actual questions instead of repeat phrases that mean nothing.
Please feel free to send me an email at lconrad@mail.arc.nasa.gov if you feel this room is being abused. We will then have to put the room in "moderation mode" which means that questions would only be posted as I have time to filter through them and approve the. I hope that doesn't have to happen. Thanks - I share your concerns!

[ JesseMA - 100 - 07:22:44 ]
Mrs. Holiday's class - I was wondering how your Martian breaths? Does it need oxygen?

[ Holidays - 102 - 13:48:58 ]
No it does not need oxygen it breaths off Co2!

[ fagstaffholidayclan - 103 - 14:47:50 ]
if you put a human on mars without any space suit what would happen to the human

[ fagstaffholidayclan - 104 - 14:48:35 ]
how many moons does it take to revolve around the sun?

[ Linda/NASAQuest - 106 - 14:57:43 ]
Hi Holiday Clan, Thanks for answering Jesse's question. Be sure that the questions you're asking here are for your peers. I think these could be found by others with research, but I wanted to make sure that if you're composing questions for the experts on Thursday that you go to: http://quest.nasa.gov/events/attend/112003

[ FlagstaffHoliday - 108 - 15:34:25 ]
To Mrs. Laurino's Class, What would the by-products of your bacteria be? Where would it go?

[ FlagstaffHoliday - 109 - 15:34:39 ]
To Mrs. Laurino's Class, What would the by-products of your bacteria be? Where would it go?

[ FlagstaffHoliday - 110 - 15:37:40 ]
Mr Smith's Group 4, If your Greeble is not water based, what is it made of?

[ FlagstaffHoliday - 111 - 15:40:42 ]
Mr Smith's Group 2, What is your Cimix's shell made of and how does it insulate?

[ FlagstaffHoliday - 112 - 15:42:53 ]
Ms. Hori's class, Is your placefera a single celled critter or multicelled?

[ FlagstaffHoliday - 113 - 15:47:00 ]
Ms. Mookini's class, Is your shroom a single celled or many celled thing. Also, how does it reproduce?

[ FlagstaffHoliday - 114 - 15:48:53 ]
WindsorForest B, Why is your bacteria green and yellow?

[ FlagstaffHoliday - 115 - 15:50:53 ]
WindsorForest A, Does your plant have roots or can it move?

[ Linda/NASAQuest - 116 - 15:52:11 ]
RE: [davidfountainsacramento] im wondering where to sign up at send your responses to david5596@yahoo.com
Hi David, I'm not sure I undertand your question. Any questions in this room should be responded to right here. If you're looking for where to send your design to have it posted, see: http://quest.arc.nasa.gov/projects/astrobiology/astroventure/challenge/posting.html If you want to know where to ask questions of the experts, see my note to the Holiday Clan above.

[ FlagstaffHoliday - 117 - 15:52:21 ]
Kody, What does your creature use its tentacles for?

[ Gracie/Hori - 119 - 08:58:19 ]
Mrs. Holiday's class, you need to think of a martian tha could really exist.

[ unknown - 120 - 09:03:08 ]
Hori, Rainard School: our organism is multi-cellular so that, if one cell is damaged or dies off, another cell can take over its duties. A membrane of sticky substance is secreted by cells on the outer perimeter which holds the colony of cells together.

[ Linda/NASAQuest - 122 - 09:44:45 ]
RE: [unknown] Hori, Rainard School: We are sorry about the comments sent about Holiday's design. It was thoughtless and not meant to be sent. The student who wrote it has understood the hurt the citicism can cause, and apologizes profusely.
Thanks! - I know that Holiday's class would really appreciate some constructive comments on their designs. They have been working very hard to experience this project to its fullest and have made good reflections on each design that has been posted. I know they'd love to hear from you!

[ MrSmithsGroup2 - 123 - 07:04:07 ]
MS. Holiday 7/8th Grade What powers the floating city and where does the fuel come from.

[ MrSmithsGroup2 - 124 - 07:14:14 ]
Mrs. Laurino's 8th Grade:We belive that the water on Mars is frozen;therefore, how is the liquid water created?

[ MrSmithsGroup2 - 125 - 07:15:38 ]
Mr. Smith's Group#2 The last question was from Mr.Smith's Group #4.

[ MrSmithsGroup4 - 126 - 07:17:25 ]
Mars "Shroom" What is the shell made of?

[ MrSmithsGroup4 - 127 - 07:18:18 ]
Ms. Holiday' Class What materials were used to make the floating city?

[ MrSmithsGroup2 - 128 - 07:26:26 ]
FlagstaffHoliday-Our shell is made of cartilage with sulfur. The sulfur is a layer under the cartilage and is used for insulation.

[ MrSmithsGroup2 - 129 - 07:29:04 ]
MsMooiknisClass_What is the structure of the gel like shell that keeps the rotating core inside?

[ MrSmithsGroup4 - 130 - 07:32:53 ]
FlagstaffHoliday_Our Martian is based on Carbon Dioxide, Hydrogen, and Iron Oxide. Our Greeble breaks the iron/oxygen bond to provide heat and energy. Good Question.

[ Chance/Hori - 131 - 07:36:22 ]
Ms. Alperstein's 5th grade class, may my class and I please see a close up on some of your designs and their explanations? Your bulletin board looks really good but we can't see them all! :)

[ MrSmithsGroup2 - 132 - 07:43:51 ]
Mrs.Laurino's 8th Grade Class Where does the hydrogen and oxygen used by the bacteria come from? If the bacteria uses water, what process does it use to split the molecule?

[ HoriRainardGracie - 133 - 07:46:00 ]
11/19/03 Dear Mrs. Holidayís 7/8 grade class, Perhaps your Martian could have hair to maintain a constant body temperature, and what makes the city float? Where does fuel come from? If the city floats, then how do the Martians move around? We are very sorry for sending the message on the discussion board. We werenít thinking. The UV absorption is a good idea. Sincerely, Mrs. Horiís Class

[ bubbles - 135 - 09:45:13 ]
Have probes got as far as the Moon

[ Linda/NASAQuest - 136 - 10:56:24 ]
RE: [bubbles] Dear NASA I don t know an awfull lot about your sittes please send an email back!
Hi Bubbles, This particular chat room supports a special project described at: http://quest.nasa.gov/projects/astrobiology/astroventure/challenge/ To find out more about NASA Quest go to http://quest.nasa.gov If you would like to be put on our mailing list, send your email address to info@quest.nasa.gov

[ MsMookinisClass - 137 - 16:15:28 ]
MR. Smiths Group 2 Thank you for your question. The gel is a liquid form of iron. The iron was made into it's liquid form from the power generated by the EPP.

[ Linda/NASAQuest - 139 - 08:00:59 ]
Don't forget to join us for the chat, today, Thursday, November 20 in 1/2 hour or 8:30 Pacific time. The easiest way is from the calendar at: http://quest.nasa.gov/calendar

[ MrsLaurino8thgradeclass - 140 - 08:26:16 ]
Mr. Smith's Group#2 We read that there may be liquid water underneath the ice that is under the surface of Mars. This is because the core of Mars wold be warm like ours. We are designing our Martian thinking there is liquid water under the surface of Mars.

[ Wladek/poland - 141 - 01:18:09 ]
Is there a concept to use landers, which will be hive-like? (Hundreds or tousands of little vehicles or planes) This could be qiute usefull - if one gets broken there are many others. Best regards from Poland

[ FlagstaffHoliday - 142 - 15:15:54 ]
Fr. FlagstaffHoliday - Our city is powered by UV light. The martians used local materials to build it.

[ yuyo - 143 - 09:49:08 ]
will we ever live on mars

[ yuyo - 144 - 09:55:10 ]
is it posible to on any other planet than mars and earth

[ Linda/NASAQuest - 148 - 11:00:53 ]
RE: [Abir] I want to know some fact about Mars
If you work with the links we've provided in this project, you should have a good head start. See: http://quest.nasa.gov/projects/astrobiology/astroventure/challenge

[ sumwhere - 149 - 05:03:34 ]
hello everyone

[ Linda/NASAQuest - 161 - 12:32:42 ]
RE: [rizz3] is any one in this chat room
This Chat room was operational during the preliminary and final design stages of the Design a Martian challenge. Thank you for your participation.

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