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Welcome to NASA's Flies in Space website!

SLS-1 Mission Specialist Tamara Jernigan performs experiment operations in the General Purpose Work Station.This site is designed to provide 5th-8th grade students with information about NASA's life sciences research, focusing on the model specimen Drosophila melanogaster, or the common fruit fly. This site is aligned with national life science standards.

  • Why is NASA sending fruit flies into space?
  • What do NASA's Life Sciences researchers study?
  • How can fruit flies help NASA's scientists and future space explorers?
  • How do NASA’s space biologists apply the scientific method to their work?
  • What might happen to humans' immune system in space?

Space Shuttle Atlantis takes flight on its STS-27 mission on December 2, 1988, 9:30 a.m. EST, utilizing 375,000 pounds thrust produced by its three main enginesExploring this site will provide you with answers to these questions, plus the opportunity to ask fruit fly experts questions and hypothesize what you think will happen to the flies when they travel in space! Enjoy!

Click here to take a pre-test to see how much you already know about flies in space!

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