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Welcome teachers,
This page contains all of the links you will need to implement exciting math, science, and engineering lessons and activities in grades 5-12. In addition to these materials, you may also want to engage your students with a PSA Design Challenge.

Education Plans
The main concepts that will be covered in the online interactive and classroom lessons are the following:

  • Systems consist of parts that are interconnected and work together in some way.
  • Changes in speed or direction of motion of an object are caused by forces.
  • When a force is applied to an object it accelerates in the same direction as the force.
  • When the force on an object is zero, it remains at rest or moves with a constant velocity.
  • Properties of surface areas and volumes change disproportionately when linear dimensions change.

These lessons are separated into middle school and high school levels. Click below to access the grade level you teach.

Hight School   Middle School  

Background Information
In order to make the most of the inquiry-based activities being developed, you may want to familiarize yourself with some concepts involved in space-based robotics. Here are some links to useful background information.

NASA Connect TV Broadcast
PSA: The Astronaut's Helper

Useful Links
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