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PSA Microgravity Challenge
Final Designs

New Market Middle School,
Mrs. Laffer/Ms. Engle's 6th Grade:
Jordan, Chris, Ryan, Micheal F., Al & Michael S.

New Market Middle School,
Mrs. Laffer /Ms. Adams' 8th Grade:
John, David, Holly, Cait & Macy

photo of student design

New Market Middle School,
Mrs. Laffer's / Mr. Funk's 8th Grade:
NMMS Team B: Tyson, Gino, Ryan, Randy, Jon

photo of student design

Caroline Robins Community School, Canada
Mrs. Liebrecht’s Grade 4/5 class:
Rochelle, Chelsea, Nicole and Jenna

small version of student design

Mrs. Camp's Class
Horacio and Tim


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