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PSA Microgravity Challenge
Final Designs

New Market Middle School
Mrs. Laffer / Ms. Engle's 6th Grade

Jordan, Chris, Ryan, Micheal F., Al, & Michael S.

See Preliminary Design & Expert Responses

photo of launch

photo of student design

For this project, we got the idea of making a platform and the PSA would sit on the platform in the middle. The platform would be moved remotely by radio waves. In a sense, the whole thing was a floating RC vehicle. 12 volts of DC current powered the whole device. We were successful: we were able to move the device up, down, and in any direction remotely for far more than three inches!

To create the microgravity environment, helium balloons pulled up at enough force to "defy gravity" in that particular area. We were planning on running a fan on the bottom of the craft, but we soon found out that it wasn't needed.

We had a great time doing this project!


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