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PSA Microgravity Challenge
Final Designs

New Market Middle School
Mrs. Laffer / Ms. Adams' 8th Grade

John, David, Holly, Cait & Macy

See Preliminary Design and Expert Responses

photo of students working on design - design in foreground

The design our group has made is prefect for the PSA. It was constructed using k-nex and a rope. We built the main structure with K-nex, and the rope was used to support the PSA.

Our design looks and functions like a crane. A chain-link of K'nex goes across the top of the structure. The rope is tied to the PSA and attached to the chain of K'nex. A motor is connected to the chain to move the PSA horizontally. The rope is used to keep the PSA stable, and to enable it to move up and down, vertically, as well.

We can control movement with the device at least three inches horizontally. For the vertical movement of three inches, we need to manually pull the string. We would include another motor in order to create the vertical movement more efficiently; however, our enrichment funds ran out.

Thank you for this opportunity!

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