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PSA Microgravity Challenge
Preliminary Designs

Bullyard State School
Mr. Brennan's 6/7th Grade - Andrew

Expert Response

For the NASA competition, the seventh graders at Bullyard State School designed a device that would be able to lift the PSA and make it do its special requirements.

The device works by making the string shorter to make the PSA move up and longer to make it go down. The spring when pulled back will release the pusher and make the PSA device roll along the ground and move for 3 seconds

student drawing of design


Response from Expert Dan Andrews:

I think I understand how the PSA can move horizontally (sideways). The tripod structure has wheels on it, and so when the PSA thrusts, the wheels will allow it to slide whatever direction it likes.

How about up and down? I think I see a spring at the other end of the string which holds the tennis ball. How does this work?

More Designs

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