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PSA Microgravity Challenge
Preliminary Designs

Bullyard State School
Mr. Brennan's 6/7th Grade
By Todd

Expert Response

This is the design of the year 6/7 class of Bullyard State School that they think is workable. There are four negative magnets stuck on to the wooden frame and another four negative magnets stuck to the ball. With the negative magnets parallel to each other it should push it but with another one opposite it, it should push it back.


Response from Expert Dan Andrews:

This is interesting in that it is attempting to almost float the ball by using magnetic repulsion. It is possible this could work, but how to you allow the ball to move when pushed? For example, if I pushed on the ball in one direction, wouldn't the magnets on the other side try to push the ball back?

How do you allow the ball to be pushed, and have it keep moving?

What about up and down as well?

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