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PSA Microgravity Challenge
Preliminary Designs

Bullyard State School
Mr. Brennan's 6/7th Grade - Zac

Expert Response

This is the design of the year 6/7 class of Bullyard State School that they think is a workable plan. There are 5 hooks which will control the 3 basic motions that it will have to be completed. The system is controlled by string being tightened and loosened to vary its position.

student drawing of design


Response from Expert Dan Andrews:

How does this work for sideways and up/down motion?

If I'm understanding it correctly, if I were to push on it sideways, the ball would move and then swing right back (like a wrecking ball). If I were to push up on the ball, and remove my finger, the ball would fall back down.

Try thinking of a way that if a pushed on the ball, and then removed my finger, the ball would keep moving, just as it would in microgravity...

More Designs


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