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PSA Microgravity Challenge
Preliminary Designs

New Market Middle School
Mrs. Laffer / Ms. Adams' 8th Grade

John, David, Holly, Cait & Macy

Expert Response

For your quest on making on the device to support a PSA system and move it, we eighth graders from Team A, have produced and idea. For this idea we are going to obtain a crane machine from one of are groupmates. With this machine we will alter the size of the claw to take hold of the PSA. And move it up and down as well as left and right. We may also be forced to alter the size of the rail the crane runs on, so it will be able to move far enough. In conclusion we feel our machine will succeed in the challenge. A preliminary diagram is attached.

The environment within which we will test our device depends upon whther or not the memory on the PSA is stored magnetically. If not, we are thinking about testing this between two powerful magnets with opposite poles repelling one another in order to suspend the PSA.

Student drawing of design


Response from Expert Dan Andrews:

How would the PSA move upwards? Remember that the PSA needs to be able to move up and down, even here on Earth.

How could you enable the PSA move upwards with a single push from your hand?

More Designs

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