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Robot Helper Design Challenge

Robinson Junior High: Ms. Betke's 8th grade
Computer Literacy Class

Drew, Adam & Dawson

Preliminary Design
Expert Response

  1. What should your robot buddy look like?
    Blue box-like body, with round swivel head contains microphone, light, and camera lens, two 2 meter long arms, five propeller fans, and cargo bay.
  2. How will it get around?
    propelled by 9x9 propeller fans, located with tow on bottom, one on back, and one on each side. Which is a cooling system for the compact flash drive and the circuit system stereo cameras will go directly to control panel and transmit to receiver monitor. Very small force will move the robot a long distance with micro gravity. Outside the spacestation Orcís arms can push, pull, and grip onto the spacestation or objects in space.

  3. How will you talk to it?
    lockated on swivel head is a microphone, but voice input will need to be programed into Orcís database. our robot has primitive artificial intelligence(A.I).

With two arms built in this way things can be picked up with both arms, the arms can also reach the cargo bay.The arms have handlike fictures with rubber grips.

Having propeller fans on four sides of the robot will not be a problem because that is what it was built for.

Orc can carry out many kinds of tasks consiting of tasks that only humans may have performed. Our robot is battery powered with a battery you might find in a small ATV. Orc is equpited with a camra on the bottom so it will not run into any unseen objects.

three angles of the student design

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