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Robot Helper Design Challenge

Lochmere Academy - Homeschool: Ms. Eichhorn's students

Our robot is 4’4” in circumference and is circular like a basketball. It has two arms which are 15” long and has two cameras. One for sight and the other one for taking pictures. The bot has two fueled jets for when it is in space. Two more compressed air jets are used in the ISS. These air jets are powered by air intakes on both sides of the bot. They are used for maneuvering through the ISS. These units also have two tool boxes on the back of the bot and are used for storing supplies. The way we would tell these robot buddies apart would be to put numbers and letters, such as AR4 and other codes. This bot should be used for air filtering and repairing the ISS.
First Lego League Team – The StormLords
Greensboro, NC
Geordan, Chelsey, Daniel & Preston

front view of student design side view of student design
back view of student design

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