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Robot Helper Design Challenge

Barkalow Middle School: Ms. Eisemann's 8th grade students


Preliminary Design
Expert Response

Student robot design

Our robot’s name is Spike. It has many different options and can get around easily.
Space Pet Involving Kinetic Energy (acronym for Spike)
1) Made out of billet aluminum reinforced with Kevlar and heat resistant rubber. Also, Heli-Arc welded
2) Has top propeller with two side propellers for steering
3) Rubber bottom tripod for standing position, and swivel ability and wheels attachments
4) Solar panels for energy
5) “Food” box for recycled energy to charge battery pack.
6) Speaker to receive voice commands and to relay information
7) Satellite dish to transmit information back to receivers at NASA or other places
8) Two camera lenses to take still and motion pictures
9) Infrared sensors and motion sensors
10) Monitor billboard of world news headlines happening on Earth
11) Right “hand” has finger attachments: knife, drill, plug-in wire to access computer mainframes, and screwdriver (Philips and flathead). “Hand” can also pick up objects, for finger attachments are retractable
12) Left “hand” is a powerful vacuum to also pick up and identify objects
13) Compartment to hold vacuumed objects
14) A freezer to hold cold objects
15) Heater to hold objects that need to stay warm
16) Laptop to control robot programming and to view what is in the compartments
17) A built-in outlet for robot to be plugged in
Spike looks like a three-foot tall half oval solid figure, and it could be any color. They can talk to it by typing in the laptop and giving voice commands through the speaker. This robot uses propellers to help steer itself through the floating, low gravity atmosphere of the ISS. This robot can also help fix things; it can hold and help identify objects. On the ISS Spike could make stuff easier for the astronauts by telling them information, being a portable transmitter, and helping with their daily needs of maintenance and storage. We can tell this robot from others, because of its shape and many attachments.

Designs using CAD program

Student robot design rendered in CAD

Student robot design rendered in CAD

More Designs


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