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Susan Helms on orbit with cameras

Sending Materials
for the Website

The following is intended to help you in submitting your materials for posting to the Robot Design Challenge website. Please note:

Submissions should include:
  • Drawing or picture of a model of the robot
  • Specifications that are grade-appropriate
  • Design explanations (how does the design answer the questions above)

If it is text:

Send it in the body of an email message to: lconrad@mail.arc.nasa.gov

If it has pictures or diagrams:

It is always our hope that material that comes from the classroom can be graphically represented on the Web. There are several choices:
  • If it already exists in electronic form, you can attach the pictures in an email,
  • We can FTP it from a location you specify, or
  • If it is already on a Web page, we can simply point to it.
Please send a note either with the goodies or with instructions on how to get at the material (FTP site or Web address) to lconrad@mail.arc.nasa.gov .

If these digital techniques won't work

Black and white diagrams can be FAXed to Linda Conrad at (650)604-6485

We would very much like to feature the work of your students on our NASA site. But we can only display your work if you send it.... so please share!


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