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Robot Helper Design Challenge
Preliminary Designs

Mr. Jungclaussen's Sixth Grade
German-American School of San

student robot design

How will it get around?
Our robot has wheels on which he can roll around when
it is on the ground. These wheels are very flexible that it can go
over stones or holes.
In the air it flies with invisible wings. In space it
does not need these wings anymore because there is no gravity. It
moves forward with a motor it has inside.

How will you talk to it?
Our robot will be able to understand "key words" like "remember ......" or "help me". It has saved them in his computer. So, for exemple if you say "remember 1728390530792375209375023abc" it will notice it and if you say "show remember" he will show on his its screen
"1728390530792375209375023abc" It is no problem, if you have an Accent (whats the word?), the computer will still know the word because he's flexible.
The robot will also be able to speak some words, if someone had put
them on its computer before. For exemple, if he noticed that something is wrong, he will say "emergency". He will also tell you, what part of the space shuttle has a problem. He will say it like this: "emergency in control room."



More Designs

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