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To Mr. Jungclaussen's Class:

I like your design. Does the robot have a name?

The robot uses legs to move around on the ground. Why did you choose six
legs? Why not eight, like a spider, or two, like a person? What are the
invisible wings made of? When it is on the space station, how does use the
motor inside to move?

I am interested in the shape you chose. Why is the robot round? How big is
it? How much does it weigh? If the screen sticks out, how do you make sure
it doesn't hit things? How do you make sure that the robot doesn't hit
things when it is moving around?

How do the base and the robot work together? What kinds of things can the
robot do with its arms? How many places can the arms bend? Is it better to
have more or less places where they can bend?
If the robot will tell the astronaut where there emergency is, how does
the robot know where the emergency is? How does the robot know where it

Feel free to ask us more questions. The best way to solve a problem is to
really understand it. Keep up the good work.

-- Salvatore Domenick Desiano
Research Scientist


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