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To Ms. Lewis' Class:

Your robot seems to have everything you need to help raise plants on the
international space station. The picture goes a long way to explaining
what your robot is going to look like. I have a few questions about how it
will work.

Your robot has arms. In how many places do those arms bend? Is it better
to have more or less places where they can bend? Can both arms reach the
watering can, or just one? If only one can reach, then what do you do if
that arm is holding something else?

If the robot uses suction cups to stick to one wall of the space station,
how does it move around? When it does move around, how does it know where
it is?

Do you think that the sensors would still work if they were behind a glass
panel? Would the temperature, humidity, and light inside the chamber be
the same as the temperature, humidity, and light behind the glass?

Feel free to ask us more questions. The best way to solve a problem is to
really understand it. I look forward to seeing your next design.

-- Salvatore Domenick Desiano
Research Scientist


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