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Robot Helper Design Challenge
Preliminary Designs

Caroline Robins Elementary School: Ms .Liebrecht's 7th Grade
Our robot buddy: DUDE
Robot buddy Engineers-Leanne, Megan, Dana and Rochelle

Our CPU will have 1.2GHz and 256MB similar to a Mobile Intel Pentium III processor. We need it small and versatile to fit into our robot DUDE. We are hoping to design different circuit boards for specific things. i.e. one for the thrusters

Our Preliminary drawing of our Robot DUDE:

Thrusters- Thrusters-Allow the robot buddy to move in all directions, while the sensors will make sure the robot DUDE doesn’t run into anything. More research is being done on thrusters

Cameras- The cameras are used for taking pictures of space as well in the ISS. They are also used for “seeing” were the robot is. The cameras will allow an astronaut on the ISS to see what the robot buddy sees. The six cameras are evenly placed on the robot DUDE. They are located on the top, bottom and all four ‘sides’ of the robot. We heard about satellites that can read newspaper headlines from space. Vanguard's powerful 44X Zoom is just like that. Instead of seeing only what's in front of you, you can see 20, 40, 80 feet away and more with greater detail and clarity than if you were standing right there. The camera that we are using also has digital zoom.

Lights- The lights are used to allow the astronauts to see things in the dark and for looking in small places.

Screen- The screen is used to show astronauts the pictures the robot has taken.

Thermometer- The thermometer is used to see the temperature around the space shuttle and the ISS.

Speaker- The speaker is used to hear what astronauts are saying so that others in the International Space Station can hear them.

Microphone- the microphone is used to allow astronauts to communicate with one another.

Vent- The vent is used to cool off the mechanical parts inside the robot.

Motion Sensors- The Motion Sensors are so that the robot doesn’t run in to anything or anyone.

Our robot DUDE is the same size as a standard basketball. basketball picture

More Designs

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