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To Carmen and Ms. Liebrecht:

Using fiberglass is a great idea for making SARB-1 light. A light robot isk
cheaper to send to space. Also, if the robot is light, it does not need
very big fans to get it to move and it is safer because it wouldn't hurt
people if it hit them.

The robot communicates with astronauts using the screen. How would an
astronaut communicate with the robot? What can the astronaut tell the
robot to do? If the robot floats around, how does it get power? What does
it do if it runs out of power? Are the arms one piece, or can they bend?
In how many places can they bend?

Feel free to ask us more questions. The best way to solve a problem is to
really understand it. I look forward to seeing your next design.

-- Salvatore Domenick Desiano
Research Scientist


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