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To Kateryna, Patti, and Ms. Liebrecht:

Before I make any comments on your design, I want to thank you for
actually putting together models of your robots. Of all of the teams that
submitted designs, you were the only team that actually built something.
Building something wasn't required, but I've always found that you learn
even more from doing than you do from just writing or drawing.

Your design is also unique because it helps the astronauts with work and
personally in the same way. The astronauts spend six months in space
without a single trip home. They are very busy, but they still miss their
families and friends. I think that your designs would make them feel a
little more like they were at home. The astronauts do have a lot of work
to do, however, so it might be nice if the robots were quiet sometimes.
Just like kids. I also really like that your robots have sense of humor.
Can the astronauts talk to the robots? What do the robots do if they don't
understand what the astronaut wants?

You might think a little about how the robots would move around with very
little gravity. One of the robots has wheels, but wheels only work if the
robot is on the ground. In space, everything floats. Is there a way that
you could make sure the wheels stayed on floor, walls, or ceiling? Are
there other "locomotors" (things that make the robot move) that you could
use? You might think about humans and other machines and animals and how
they would move around. Would they be able to move around if there was no
gravity? Would you? What if you were in the middle of the room and had
nothing to push off of?

Feel free to ask us more questions. Keep up the good work!
-- Salvatore Domenick Desiano
Research Scientist



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