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Robot Helper Design Challenge
Preliminary Designs

Holy Cross College: Mr. Nowbut
Group Members Rajiv, Daniel, Brent, Blaine, Avinash (Group Leader)

Topic: What should your robot buddy look like?.

SPARKY our robot has a few main jobs

  1. it can repair the ISS model when it is damage by use of lasers and other devices attached to the robot
  2. it has an extendable arm which is able to collect material from the ground and place them into its shelf
  3. it has rechargeable batteries so that the robot can go long hours without recharging batteries
  4. it is light
  5. it is maneuverable
  6. it is very small
  7. has a onboard cpu which allows it to think for itself

Q1 should your robot look like a person
Answer : no because there would lack of versatility and it will be heavy and expensive and the robot would not be able to move about in the iss model especially in tight spaces
our robot is in an attachment
thank you

student robot design

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