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Robot Helper Design Challenge
Preliminary Designs

Froghollow School: Michael: 7yrs. old from Australia

A little robot friend that does a lot of work.

  • make it like a little human that you have to play with or it gets bored.
  • arms
  • eyes - sensors, videos
  • speaker
  • suckers so you can stick it in place and not bump into it
  • flippers so it can sort of swim around the ISS or it could use a little jet pack but it might set things on fire
  • wheels or legs to click on instead of flipppers when you want to go onto a planet
  • voice activated, but only my voice so no other astronaut can tell it to tickle me.
  • passes me tools while I'm fixing things
  • get me food because I'm lazy!
  • something fun - read me a bedtime story everynight
  • something to help with research and experiments - types out your notes, stopwatch
  • plays chess but cheats when you are not looking - if you look away to get a drink; this is more fun and keeps you on your toes
  • Gosh it's got to have a big brain for all of this!

student robot design

student robot design

the robot has sensors/speakers in a humanoid head. it is shown with wheels attached and legs attached for planetary exploration. Thorax shows from head on - display touch screen, tool compartment/collecting box and paper portal for ticker-tape like 'voice to text' notes to come out of.

More Designs


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