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Robot Helper Design Challenge
Preliminary Designs

E.W. Fritsch Elementary: Ms. Waltz's 5th grade class


From Emily: the wheels should look like the ones on

and its base like the smallbotproject from

From Christopher: the robot legs and robotic arms should look like the ones on www.RobotStore.com

Again from Emily: shock absorbers like the ones pictured on www.reconnsworld.com/smallbot5.html

From Joe: the chassis should look similar to the one on

From Stanley: solar cells to help power the robot from www.scientificsonline.com/EC/Products/Display.cfm?categoryid=193064

Again from Emily: regular batteries when solar wouldn't work from www.reconnsworld.com/smallbot3.html

From Markiann: a battery charger as pictured in

From Matthew: to find and navigate a gps as pictured in

Again from Joe: a two way radio to communicate with the robot as pictured in http://walkytalky.com/main.htm

From Christopher: a CPU that is small enough to fit in a small bot from www.pricegrabber.com/serach_gen.php/form_keyword=cdpu/topcat_id=1

And in case the communications fail a back up system from Joe: www.robotics.com/arobot/faq.html

Again from Matthew: a spectrometer to measure atmosphere, etc. as pictured in www.srl.caltech.edu/ACE/CRIS_SIS/sis.html

Again from Markiann for the robot to see the terrain: robotic vision

From David: a text-to-speech recognition software component from

We then added as a group: suction type feet in addtion to the two types listed in case it needs to stick to something.

From Christopher: Night vision Optics to help the robot see in dark areas.

Also, if we are to collect samples with the robotic arms, then we would need a pouch to put the specimens into. Similar to a kangaroo. However, it should have compartments for different objects: i.e. soft and lined for species collection and another for rocks.

Also, for the fun part of what the robot can do with you: we want him to have a video game capacity; possibly in his chassis.

The robot should be: Red, White and Blue because our fifth grade thought of it and we are from the U.S.A.

The fifth graders added that our robot can be identified from other robots by in the stripes we would have our names written:
Markiann, Emily, Christopher, Caitlin, Stanley, David, Matthew and Joe.

More Designs

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