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photo of Ken Lepper
Ken Lepper
Assistant Professor of Geology
North Dakota State University

I describe myself as an Earth scientist that uses a set of tools developed from principles of solid-state physics to explore
questions in geochronology and process geomorphology.  My area of research specialization is Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL) dating, or more simply, optical dating.  I currently use optical dating in three major geologic/geomorphic research themes:

  1. The geomorphological response of sediment transport systems to environmental change, particularly eolian and fluvial systems in The Great Plains and Western North America,
  2. The interaction between large glacial lakes and the global climate system, with a focus on shoreline development and lake level histories, and
  3. The geomorphological record of recent climate change on Mars and, specifically, the adaptation of optical dating for remote in-situ geochronology research on Mars.
In order to support these applied research themes, I am also actively engaged in methodological advancement, particularly in
development of data analysis strategies for optical dating.

I received my BS and MS degrees from "The" Ohio State University and my PhD from Oklahoma State University in 2001. After conducting postdoctoral research at Los Alamos National Laboratory, I accepted my current position at NDSU in 2003.

Outside of my university life I enjoy variety of activities with my family such as bicycling, golfing, fishing, and model railroading.

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