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April 2011
DREAMS-10 launch from Auburn -- images by Jordan-Hare

photo of students launching balloon

The 10th mission of DREAMS, Doing Research at Extreme Altitudes by Motivated Students, culminated at 1:30pm today.  The Hydrogen filled balloon lifted 11.5 pounds of imaging, tracking, and science payload off of the plains of Auburn University at 8am. The payload included a new satellite based tracking system, a new near-space video-based experiment platform, and a Perchlorate experiment in Mars like conditions.

The mission followed wind predictions very well but landed short of the predicted flat farm land to end up in a heavy swampy forest at the top of a 80 feet tree.  The owner of the property ended up being a Columbus High School and Auburn University graduate and provided the chain saw to help with the payload recovery. 

Here are some images from the DREAMS-10 launch.  They include some Auburn campus shots on the way up.  They also include images of Columbus and Fort Benning, with some dramatic atmospheric layer shots.

DREAMS-11 will take place in a few weeks in the Mojave desert, and
DREAMS-12 will host a set of teacher experiments before mid-May.


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