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Corey Ippolito
Corey Ippolito
Director of Engineering
Carnegie Mellon Innovations Laboratory

Corey Ippolito is the Director of Engineering at the Carnegie Mellon Innovations Laboratory (CMIL). He has spent much of his working career as a contracting Research Engineer at NASA Ames Research Center, as a member of the Adaptive Controls and Evolvable Systems (ACES) Group in the Intelligent Systems Division at NASA Ames Research Center. His affiliations include work with the NASA Haughton-Mars Project and the Biologically-Inspired Engineering for Exploration Systems (BEES) for Mars projects at NASA Ames Research Center. Corey Ippolito is the Lead Engineer on the Exploration Aerial Vehicles (EAV) project and the Polymorphic Control Systems (PCS) Project at NASA Ames. He has developed traditional control systems for unmanned aerial vehicles and ground-based autonomous unmanned vehicle system, as well as non-traditional controllers for Mars exploration aerial vehicle concepts. He is an active researcher in the field of Control Systems as well as Artificial Intelligence, formulating a mathematical framework for developing emotion-based controllers in machines.

Corey Ippolito has over ten years of working experience in a wide array of fields including control systems design, computer architecture design, physics-based modeling and simulation of both rigid-body and flexible structures, software engineering methodologies, graph theory, and computer graphics and animation. His graduate thesis focused on software architecture and mathematical assembly formulations for component-based systems. His major accomplishments include several large-scale software designs and implementations, including the Reflection Architecture for distributed embedded systems development and simulation, the Cognitive Emotion Layer Architecture for machine intelligence, the Perception Physics Engine for constrained rigid bodies and soft-body physics simulations, the Reconfigurable Flight Simulator at Georgia Tech for the management of shared distributed development of flight simulation technologies, and the Self-Assembling Brokering Object Architecture for automating and verifying the assembly of component-based simulation modules. Corey has also worked in the video game industry, writing physics simulation software and optimizing 3D graphics and animation engines. He has published and given presentations in a wide range of topics, including software engineering techniques and smart hardware sensor design using emotional constructs.

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