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Geoffrey Bruce
Geoffrey Bruce
Educational Technology Team Technical Director of R&D
NASA Ames Research Center

I have worked on the educational technology team at NASA Ames for over 10 years. My responsibility as the technical director of R&D is to integrate new and unique technologies into our educational products. I have a graduate degree in "Computers in Art, Design, Research and Education" focusing on intuitive learning in immersive virtual environments.

Currently, I am developing one of NASA's educational software projects titled "NASA's Virtual Field Trip", where users are able to travel to remote areas of the globe to study and explore different locations alongside real scientists. Through the use of virtual reality and interactive media, the software encourages users to engage in research, discover geological links between the Earth, Mars, and the Moon, and allow users to get a better understanding of who the scientists are and what they do. Recently, I spent two weeks in the remote outback region of Western Australia gathering and creating data for the VFT of geologists as they studied potentially some of the earliest forms of life on our planet at approx. 3.5 billion years old.

Previously I have also developed interactive award winning immersive exhibits for The Tech Museum of Innovation, Chabot Space and Science Center, and The Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in Washington DC. Prior to my work at NASA, I developed all aspects of interactive media including DVD development, web based simulations, PC/Mac game development and many CD-ROMs with titles such as Mortal Kombat.

In my personal time I love extreme sports and have acquired quite a few broken bones along the way. I hold a black belt in the Korean martial art of Kuk Sul and currently instruct the martial arts class at NASA Ames.

My wife and I love the culture and excitement of traveling and have had the opportunity to visit/live in over 30 countries. I also have two wonderful daughters who are very active in sports and art and who I spend as much time with as possible.

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