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Karie Trupka
NES Teacher
Circle of Nations School
Wahpeton, ND

Setting high standards and goals for myself, as well as those around me, makes me smile when an achievement is reached.;) Hi! I'm Karie Trupka, a Lutheran, a wife of an avid sportsman, a mother of three busy teenagers, and the only existing child of two high-need parents in their late 70's, who try to teach me "to slow down and go fishing". Moderation of the past, present and future are essential to reaching ones goals. Teaching 7 - 8 grade mathematics at the Circle of Nations School (CNS), Wahpeton North Dakota (ND) is what I do. This school is an "at risk" therapeutic off reservation boarding school for students in grades 5 - 8. We have students from 33 different states in the United States who each come with many different strengths and weaknesses. North Dakota State University of Fargo (NDSU), ND presented me with a Masters of Education, Curriculum and Design in 1993. I attained my Bachelor of Science degree from Moorhead State University in Moorhead, Minnesota and Middle School Credentials from Minot State University in Minot, ND. Science Teachers Enhancement Project (ND-STEP) took me to Ithaca New York on an archeology Dig under the guidance of Dr. Allen Ashworth. The National Science Foundation (NSF) sent me to Peru, South America to study the ecology. Mayville State University trained me as an Elementary Mathematics Specialist. I consult for the ND-Department of Public Instruction defining student proficiency levels, setting and aligning state standards, and pre-service teachers qualifications. I'm part of the core Explorer School team for CNS. I believe everyone can learn in their own modality, based on their past experiences. Curriculum and Instruction training has taught me to plan, implement, and evaluate as efficiently and effectively whenever possible in every aspect of my life! Technology when implemented correctly is an essential time management tool. Learning Styles, Differentiated Instruction, and Backwards Design Model assists me in increasing individual student levels of performance. Technology and students past experiences will pave the road to learning in the 21st century.


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