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Penelope J. Boston
Penelope J. Boston
Research Associate Professor of Cave and Karst Science
Director, Cave and Karst Studies Program
Dept of Earth & Environmental Science
New Mexico Tech

My areas of research include cave geomicrobiology, microbial life in highly mineralized environments, unique or characteristic biominerals and biosignature detection. Additionally, I am involved in astrobiology and the search for life beyond Earth. Cave formation mechanisms on other planetary bodies is a topic of particular interest to me. My background includes geology, microbiology, atmospheric chemistry, global biogeochemical cycling, and climate/life interactions.

I have come to NMT recently to create a new program, Cave and Karst Studies, in conjunction with the founding of the National Cave and Karst Research Institute. NMT is the major partner with this new national institute.

I am passionate about and extensively involved in educational outreach about caves and karst issues, space exploration, and general science for school kids, older students, elder groups, and the general public.


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