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Alejandro Enrique Garrido Iribarren
Alejandro Enrique Garrido Iribarren

Biology Teacher
The Giant School at Antofagasta, Chile

Who I am and what I do
Hi, I am Alejandro Enrique Garrido Iribarren, I am a professor of biology in “The Giant School" at Antofagasta, This is my second year of teaching, and I teach classes from elementary to high school students. I like to travel in my free time.

Areas of expertise
I don’t really consider myself a specialist in anything, however one of the topics that I feel motivated by is evolution and the physiology of ecosystems and all the relationships that exist between the species. I’m eager to know more about the pre-Columbian cultures and the flora and fauna of my region. Finally I always keep myself updated in Biology research.

How I first became interested in this profession
I studied in a traditional catholic school, one of those where they are known for being very strict. It did not go very well for me, but for some reason Biology was something that came easy for me, and I understood it easily without stressing to me too much. So I had to study something related to Biology. That is why I decided to study for to become a Biology teacher.

My education and training
I did my elementary, high school and university studies in Antofagasta: elementary in the public education system, high school in the catholic private school, and advanced studies in the University of Antofagasta where I studied “biology pedagogy and science.” I also studied further educational and biological topics, amateur astronomy courses and environmental education.

What I like about my job
Teaching is invaluable to me; I find it easy and enjoy talking with my students about all kinds of things.

What I don't like about my job
Several aspects: The educational system is limited by the resources, administrative paperwork, and being locked up in 4 walls giving out information. I would rather be in the desert or on the coast of my city teaching the classes the way I like.

My advice to anyone interested in this occupation
My interests in evolution, as well as the biodiversity that exists in my region, make me want give my students all the knowledge I can. My dream, which could be possible in the not too distant future, is to go on a long excursion to get to know my region with my students and to be able to remove them from the ignorance that they have of their own surroundings.

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