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photo of Alfonso Davila
Alfonso F. Dávila

Astrobiology, Planetary Sciences Affiliation
NASA Ames Research Center

Alfonso has been involved for the past 3 years in the study of microorganisms in extreme environments and in understanding water related geochemical processes on Mars. He is currently studying the survival strategies of endolithic cyanobacteria inhabiting halite rocks in the Atacama Desert, as well as the survivability of microorganisms under extreme conditions simulated in the laboratory (sub-freezing temperatures, high radiation). In the past he has been involved in a wide range of research areas related to life sciences, ranging from microbiology to histology and physiology.

Alfonso is currently a Postdoctorate in the Planetary and Space Science Directorate at the NASA Ames Research Center. He received his PhD in Geophysics by the University of Munich in 2005 in the study of biogenic magnetite in bacteria and higher organisms.

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