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photo of Henry Sun in Antarctica
Henry Sun

Desert Research Institute/Division of Earth and Ecosystem Sciences

Ph.D. 1997 Florida State University Microbiology
M.S. 1986 Nanjing University Phycology
B.S. 1983 Nanjing University Botany

Professional Interests
Dr. Henry Sun, an Assistant Research Professor for DRI/DEES based in Las Vegas, is a microbiologist with research interests in endolithic microbes (organisms living in rocks), desert microbiology, and geomicrobiology. His technical skills are diverse, including expertise in amino acid geochemistry, isotope geochemistry, and molecular biology.

Selected Publications
Friedmann, E.I., and H.J. Sun. 2004:
Communities Adjust their Temperature Optima by Shifting Producer-to-Consumer Ratio, Shown in Lichens as Models: I. E. Friedmann Hypothesis. Microbial Ecology (in press).
Sun, H.J., and E.I. Friedmann. 2004:
Communities Adjust their Temperature Optima by Shifting Producer-to-Consumer Ratio, Shown in Lichens as Models: II. Experimental VerificationExperimental Verification. Microbial Ecology (in press).
Yang, H., and H.J. Sun. 2004:
Crystal structure of a new phosphate compound, Mg2KNa(PO4)2•14H2O. Journal of Solid State Chemistry 177:2991-2997.
Beard, B., C. Johnson, J.L. Skulan, K.H. Nealson, L. Cox, and H. Sun. 2003:
Application of Fe isotopes to tracing the geochemical and biological cycle of Fe. Chemical Geology, 195(1-4):87-117. Special issue on Isotopic Record of Microbially Mediated Processes.
Sun, H., P.T. DePriest, A. Gargas, A.Y. Rossmann, and E.I. Friedmann. 2002:
Pestalotiopsis maculans is a dominant parasymbiontic fungus in North American lichens. Symbiosis 33:215-226.
Johnson, C.M., J.L. Skulan, B.L. Beard, H. Sun, and K.H. Nealson. 2001:
Isotopic fractionation between Fe(III) and Fe(II) in aqueous solutions. Earth and Planetary Sciences 195:141-153.
Ching, W.K., A.J. Colussi, H. Sun, K.H. Nealson, and M.R. Hoffmann. 2001:
Escherichia coli disinfection by electrohydraulic discharges. Environmental Science and Technology 35(20):4139-4144.
Beard, B., C. Johnson, L. Cox, H. Sun, K. Nealson, and C. Carmen. 1999:
Iron isotope biosignature. Science 285:1889-1892.

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